mf4700_series_mfdrivers_w64_us_en_2.exe v20.90

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Fix MF Toolbox does not work on Windows 10, 100% work !

mf4700 printer driver

mf4700 printer driver

The way after you upgrade in Win 10 MF4770n if there is a problem, then MF Toolbox does not work on windows 10, but there is an easier way to work, follow these steps,

Since canon has added drivers for window10,

this is the newest way to simplify the solution in install!

  1. let’s Download and install the latest drivers for your MF477 0n from this site. If it is finished install please Restart your PC. And then Test printing
  2. Then go to the Windows App menu, search for “scan”, find the “Windows Scan” app, and install it.
  3. While the MF4770n loads the document to be scanned, select Remote Scanner,
  4. And for PC, open Windows Scan App – instantly find 4770n on your system.
  5. You need to use the drop-down menu to select source, output, etc. You can preview the plate scan.

this way is very easy and can work 100% on my pc.

” == >   Download   <== canon MF4770n MF Driver For Windows 8 (64bit)/Windows 7 (64bit)/Windows Vista (64bit), WinXP (64bit)/Name: MF4700_Series_MFDrivers_W64_us_EN_2.exe/V20.90)